What is a Remanufactured Bumper?

Remanufactured bumper covers are used bumper covers that have been repaired to like new condition. Using the latest technology in plastic repair, The Bumper Doctor technicians fix minor tears, breaks and scratches in the bumpers to make them like new. The technicians at The bumper Doctor have an average of 10 years experience each in repairing plastic bumper covers. Every bumper is repaired and inspected by a full time employee whose only job is to ensure each bumper goes out in great condition.

Remanufactured bumpers are sometimes called recycled bumpers. That’s because when you choose to buy a remanufactured bumper, you are recycling. You are choosing to keep another large piece of plastic waste out of our landfills. When your car needs a replacement bumper, most collision shops and dealerships choose remanufactured OEM bumpers. They fit better then aftermarket bumpers. Period. They save money and help the environment.